Financial Support

We give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His goodness never ceases, no matter if we're in a season of life where He's blessed us with jobs like we've had in the past, with going without, with abundance, or whatever our lot may be. We are called to the mission field and have been living out our callings individually for a number of years, and we'll continue to live by faith in the years to come. We don't receive payment from the mission we work with; some individuals send an offering for AMO missionaries and that gets divided up equally among all of the full-time volunteers, so we're encouraged and feel led to raise personal support to help meet our basic needs. Thank you for considering being a part of God's provision for us!

How to give

If you feel led to financially support us, there are three different ways you can give:

1. Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC)

Tax-deductible contributions can be made to us through CMC, a U.S.-based ministry where they process and transfer the funds to us. CMC is able to issue you a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year, whereas we as individuals cannot.

CMC - Give online

To give online, follow the link below to CMC's "Click and Give". They'll ask you to create an account and you can send a one-time donation or set up automatic payments. Just be sure to select "BECKER, NATE" from the drop-down list and it'll be in our account!

CMC - Send check via mail

You can mail a check directly to CMC at:

P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228

**Please make the check payable to "CMC", and clearly designate on a separate piece of paper enclosed with the check that the funds are for NATE & JESSICA BECKER.

2. PayPal

3. Bank account

Please write to us at and we'll let you know how you can deposit directly to our account.

Needs we have as missionaries

We're praying that God provides means for us to build a home of our own! We've had many kids in our home over this past year, two sisters and 4 brothers from different families who come to our house consistently, as well as a few more who are becoming regulars, and we only have one tiny bedroom we've set as "the girls room" and the boys camp out in the living room. We would like to have kids of our own soon, and those who are already with us are growing up and we see a great need for designated sleeping spaces and bathrooms. There is a place on the AMO property where we can build, so we're praying for God's provision and will be taking little steps of faith in building as He provides!


We're blessed to have a car that is safe and runs well! Maintenance on a twenty-yer-old car and fuel are very expensive, and Jessica still doesn't have her Brazilian driver license as it's a lengthy and costly process, so we're saving and working toward her license and for a new car when our good ole vehicle is in need of retirement.


Phone bills thankfully aren't too horrible here, however we like to contribute to the water/electric/gas bill at A.M.O.


We're glad to have finally found affordable healthcare! 

Kids in our home

We're soooo thankful that most of the kids we have in our home on a continual basis have sponsors through AMO's Embrace a Child program! It helps with the cost of shoes, clothes, medical bills, and other things the kids need. We do still spend a lot out of our own pocket for the kids, as the funding they receive goes primarily toward their needs in their homes in the favela communities. We love doing our own meals at home and taking the kids out when cabin fever sets in!

International travel

Sometimes things come up. Jessica couldn't get out of jury duty a few years ago and had to fly back the the States. We unexpectedly had to go to the States right before our church wedding in Brazil to obtain our marriage certificate when we found out it'd be very complicated to initiate the process here. We were blessed and able to travel to share about the ministry with churches in the south in 2018. We'd love to go back to spend time with friends and family sometime in the upcoming years. It's not just the (pricey) plane tickets, either... there's rental cars and fuel and food. Whew!

Time for ourselves

Please don't confuse "international travel" with "vacation time". For us it's not at all the same! It's exhausting to travel to the States, as we always have a ton of things to do in such a short time. We love and want to see everyone we possibly can, and we get frustrated with how little time we have and how we're sometimes limited on where we can go when we're there. In our ministry, we have people around and in our home all the time. Even on our occasional "days off", it more often than not includes kids and if we elect to stay home we have the rest of the team working around us and there's the temptation to feel bad for taking time for ourselves. We like taking a day and driving to a completely different city and doing things there for the day, or going to the mall to walk around in the air conditioning and have a coffee.

Other ways to support us

Please help keep us accountable to being good friends, even if it's just writing a little message to say hi. It's encouraging to remember that we're still connected with those who mean a lot to us. 

If you read a post about a little kid, please pray for them. The vast majority don't even have parents who stay at home to look after them, much less lift them up to our Father in prayer.

If you happen to be at the store and they have, say, children's winter jackets on sale for dirt cheap, maybe pick some up and we'll let you know where the next mission team is coming from and they can bring it down.

Also, if you happen to feel led to contribute financially, whether to us, a specific child or project, please do. If you feel led to give to any of our mission projects or other missionaries you can do that through the AMO website. To give to Nate and I, please read about the different ways you can give at the top of the page.