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We believe that there is power in the life of Christ. In three years, fishermen were transformed into apostles and the world was never the same. When the life of Christ is present, the surrounding lives are affected in ways that shape generations. As Christ is alive in us, we believe that He has called us to invest our lives for the change of the generations by carrying comfort for the broken and hope for the needy. This calling manifests itself greatly in ministry to kids. Having both been raised in Christian homes and given our lives to Christ at early ages, we know the value of receiving gospel seed during the foundational years of life. We have been given a special passion to see the little ones among us grow into godly men and women who seek the face of God, because we know that as children grow up learning to love and be loved by God, they have much more of a chance to withstand the hardships of this world and flee the deceptive pleasures of sin. 


We are all different, and the specific felt needs of a child, teen, or adult will vary, but the reality for all is that our greatest need is the true saving love that only comes from Christ. With young girls we strive to see them grasp the beauty of God’s image (Imago Dei) and how to live pure and happy lives. With the boys we urge them onward to have courage of knights and to rise up as little men who honor women and serve the great King of Kings. 


Recognizing each specific physical or emotional need as an opportunity embrace a heart with the love of Christ, we pray for the Spirit to use our lives to reflect that love into the hearts of all who God put in our reach. That they may know, and rise to tell their children of God’s greatness, and in so doing change the generations with the truth of grace. 

Gleba B is one of the first favela communities that A.M.O. reached. I (Jessica) have been going to this community since 1999 when I was a pre-teen and it's been incredible to see the growth of this community since its beginnings. Today, we have kids in our kids classes who are children of kids we once taught years ago! We've developed wonderful relationships with the children and their families over the years. This is just a little glimpse at what it looks like when we're there :)
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I gave my life to Christ at 6 years old, and at age 7 my family began a full time traveling evangelistic ministry around the United States. During that time I was able to grow in the Lord and in different areas of ministry that I see being used now in my work in Brazil. Since 2013, I have been here investing much of my time walking alongside young men and boys from the favelas who have a desire to rise up into God-honoring manhood and break the generational cycle of abuse and addictions. God gave me a special calling to 4 young boys who have gone through many trials, including the loss of their parents, to invest in their spiritual and mental development. I lead in the AMO agriculture projects and am developing a culinary outreach program, lead the worship teams and teach kids and teen Bible classes in two of our churches. I also assist with the construction projects, maintenance of our main campus, and fill in for our Pastor on occasion. I have seen God do so many amazing things and count it the greatest joy to see Him work through my life to show hope in His love to the lost and broken hearted with the comfort found in Christ. 


I grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil, and after studying and working stateside for a few years, I returned to Brazil and have been living here as a full-time missionary since 2014. God is so great and uses the skills and passions He's given me in a bunch of different ways. I direct A.M.O.'s Embrace-a-Child sponsorship program, coordinate mission trips, prepare the curriculum for the kids classes, am "the paperwork lady" and care for children who come to our Main Campus during their school breaks and vacation times. Since 2015 I've been blessed to have a beautiful (now) 6-year-old under my care every Wednesday-Sunday from one of the locations we minister in, and her younger sister often comes  with her. I communicate with their teachers in the public "school" (daycare) in order to supplement their educational needs while they're here and come up with creative strategies for teaching them, providing the one-on-one attention that they lack in their preparation for elementary school. It's exciting to see God working through A.M.O. ministries to touch the lives of those He loves so much and it's such a blessing to have my life be used to further the work He's doing! 
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